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From Raymond S Brand <>
Subject [PATCH] ReadmeName and HeaderName files server-parsed and content negotiated (reformatted)
Date Wed, 12 May 1999 18:53:26 GMT
The attached patch combines my previous 2 patches plus reformatting for style. The
notes from the original patches are quoted below for completeness.

Raymond S Brand

Raymond S Brand wrote:
> I've brought my patches up to date as of an 19990504_1525EDT rsync and improved the
> cooperation between mod_include and mod_autoindex. Anyone willing to commit these?
> This message has two attached patches that allow for HeaderName and ReadmeName files
> used by mod_autoindex to be server-parsed and/or content negotiated.
> Differences from 1.3.6:
>         Filenames specified by the ReadmeName and HeaderName directives really are
>         relative now. Before they could not contain a "/". This makes site wide headers
>         and footers much easier to do.
>         No longer tacks ".html" to then end of names to find HTML versions of the content.
>         Use MultiViews instead.
>         No longer assumes that the base name refers to plain content.
>         An <H R> now always follows the directory listing if it's a fancy index.
>         The server signature is only generated (if enabled) if a ReadmeName file was
>         not output.
>         Some miscellaneous situations where the pre and post `ambles' were not being
>         generated correctly are also corrected.
> PR#s affected:
>         1574, 3026, 3529, 3569, 4256
>         An earlier, incomplete, version of this patch is included in PR#4256
> Notes:
>         The first patch, "parsed-autoindex.diff.txt", has edits to the CHANGES file,
>         mod_autoindex.c, and the mod_autoindex manual document.
>         The second patch, "parsed-autoindex-env.diff.txt", has edits to mod_autoindex.c
>         and mod_include.c to have the sub_request environment variables reflect the
>         directory, not the HeaderName or ReadmeName file, if the HeaderName and/or
>         ReadmeName files are server-parsed. Without this patch, some of the environment
>         variables, as displayed by mod_include's #printenv, will reflect the HeaderName
>         or ReadmeName file, not the directory.
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