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From Eli Marmor <>
Subject Re: Annoying Installation Problem and a Possible Elegant Solution
Date Wed, 12 May 1999 01:54:48 GMT

The script I proposed is already there!

Everybody tried to convince me why the script I proposed to develop
is not needed, and that it is simple to do manually, just edit the
conf files and fix this and that, and if you want to fix apachectl
do that too, etc. However, I patch Apache conf files for years, and
this was not my purpose. I only wanted to develop a script which can
generate updated files (conf files, apachectl, etc.) with the new
values (e.g. directory), automatically, just like in build (which is
done by configure/make/make-install). I claimed that there is no
reason to re-compile the package just because the directory was
changed; If the compilation supports a generation of these files
automatically, there must be a script which does it too, without any

I don't blame anybody for not understanding me; It's probably my bad
English to blame  :-(

Anyway, after giving up any serious answer from the list and/or from
the docs and/or from any FAQ and/or from dejanews, I started to dig
deeply into the various layouts of Apache, and found EXACTLY the
script I wanted to develop. Not only that it was needed, somebody
even dared to develop such a script. So it is there, and it is called
"" (since most of you know it, I guess that my
English was so bad that nobody understood my purposes; Otherwise,
everybody would answer me with this script). For those who don't know
it, it installs a BinaryDistribution which is created by invoking the
other script - "". Unfortunately, this option (building a
binary distribution by "") is not documented anywhere,
even in READMEs (there is a small note about "",
but with no hint how to build the bindist), in spite of its

1. Sorry for bothering the list with a problem which was already
2. The fact that even in this list, nobody answered me, points to a
   big necessity to document and to
   add an answer to the FAQ. Sorry, but contrary to contribution of
   code, I can't help with the documentation; You know, my

Eli Marmor

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