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From Raymond S Brand <>
Subject [PATCH] ReadmeName and HeaderName files server-parsed and content negotiated.
Date Tue, 04 May 1999 20:53:20 GMT
I've brought my patches up to date as of an 19990504_1525EDT rsync and improved the
cooperation between mod_include and mod_autoindex. Anyone willing to commit these?

This message has two attached patches that allow for HeaderName and ReadmeName files
used by mod_autoindex to be server-parsed and/or content negotiated.

Differences from 1.3.6:
	Filenames specified by the ReadmeName and HeaderName directives really are
	relative now. Before they could not contain a "/". This makes site wide headers
	and footers much easier to do.

	No longer tacks ".html" to then end of names to find HTML versions of the content.
	Use MultiViews instead.

	No longer assumes that the base name refers to plain content.

	An <H R> now always follows the directory listing if it's a fancy index.

	The server signature is only generated (if enabled) if a ReadmeName file was
	not output.

	Some miscellaneous situations where the pre and post `ambles' were not being
	generated correctly are also corrected.

PR#s affected:
	1574, 3026, 3529, 3569, 4256
	An earlier, incomplete, version of this patch is included in PR#4256

	The first patch, "parsed-autoindex.diff.txt", has edits to the CHANGES file,
	mod_autoindex.c, and the mod_autoindex manual document.

	The second patch, "parsed-autoindex-env.diff.txt", has edits to mod_autoindex.c
	and mod_include.c to have the sub_request environment variables reflect the
	directory, not the HeaderName or ReadmeName file, if the HeaderName and/or
	ReadmeName files are server-parsed. Without this patch, some of the environment
	variables, as displayed by mod_include's #printenv, will reflect the HeaderName
	or ReadmeName file, not the directory.

Raymond S Brand
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