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From Greg Stein <>
Subject Re: fix for hybrid server problems.
Date Tue, 04 May 1999 07:39:23 GMT
Greg Stein wrote:
> > > If we solve the above problem (and log rotation), this sounds
> > > reasonable.  Do we mind that there will be no way to get a mod_status
> > > display of our gracefully dying children after a graceful shutdown?
> >
> > Didn't think about that... hmm.
> I would think that the modules wouldn't receive the graceful shutdown
> until they were done with their activity. In that case, the shutdown
> shouldn't take very long. It seems that you'd have a relatively narrow
> window where mod_status wouldn't work for the server.
> (I mean really... you *are* telling the thing to shutdown/restart... why
> shouldn't it be allowed to punt your request for a while in there?  Did
> I miss something? This seems a pretty easy point here)

To answer my own question (I think :-) :

When the event thread gets the shutdown request, it will stop handling
requests -- including the /server-status request. This will occur until
all activity stops, which could be a while if an active request is
taking a while to complete.

IMO, tough. You told it to shutdown... it effectively *is* shutdown, so
how can you expect to get a status report? :-)

An interesting question is "what is the best way to quickly stop/restart
a highly loaded web server, which may also have long-term requests?"
Refusing connections (effectively) may not be an option. Is this where
the hard-kill comes in? :-)
[ this also argues for a more dynamic configuration system, since config
changes are what graceful restarts are usually used for ]


Greg Stein,

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