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From "Dietz, Phil E." <>
Subject apache benchmarks in general
Date Wed, 19 May 1999 17:06:44 GMT
All of the Mindcraft articles, in my mind, make Apache look at fault -- when
in reality it's the Linux scheduler.  

Another impression appears that no one knows how to configure Apache for
performance nor know which OS Apache would run on best.  People guess Linux
since it's the fad OS nowadays.
That indicates people want docs telling them what to use.

I propose that the Apache group benchmark the leading OS's and provide the
results in a document for the Apache distribution.

Then Apache can not be inadvertently-defamed by tests like Mindcraft.

If people see that the Gameboy version of Apache is slow then there's no
reason to "commision Mindcraft to benchmark" anything or see articles flying
across the Internet preaching Apache stinks.

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