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From Vivek Sadananda Pai <>
Subject Re: fix for hybrid server problems.
Date Fri, 21 May 1999 15:31:29 GMT
On Mon, 17 May 1999, Michael Anderson <> wrote:
> > If Apache goes partially select-based, the Flash model might
> > be useful to address the disk problems. Details are in the
> > upcoming Usenix paper, available at
> >
> Is Flash and IO-Lite source publically available?

I plan to release them both at some point, under something resembling
a "free for non-commercial use" license. However, this isn't going to
happen anytime soon, since I'm tied up for the next month, and then I
have to talk to some lawyers about IP issues.

Also, someone (I think Dan) mentioned sendfile, and I received a
message about using aio. Both approaches can make a select-based
server nonblocking[*] for some things, but it's not universal. For
example, metadata accesses (like open() or stat()) don't get made
asynchronous this way. It's also not fully portable.

In any case, it's not terribly important, because going from a
select-based server to something like what Flash does is relatively
straightforward. It's basically just adding extra states to the
select-driven state machine.


* assuming the OS does things the "right" way

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