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From "Ralf S. Engelschall" <>
Subject Re: Shared Memory in APR.
Date Wed, 12 May 1999 16:26:59 GMT

In article <> you wrote:
> After taking a few days to clean some stuff up and go to meetings, I am
> back to work on APR.  The next thing I am looking to implement is shared
> memory.  Ralf posted some stuff a while ago that includes the shared
> memory pools stuff, as well as some code to allocate/deallocate shared
> memory.
> I began to take a quick look at this to see how easily it could be added
> to APR, and noticed immediately, that it has everything Copyrighted by
> Ralf.  So, my question is can I use this code?  Does it need to be
> re-released under the Apache License?  Ralf, are you willing to do that?

I don't know on what exact posting you've looked - I've posted shared memory
stuff two times.  But the whole EAPI stays under the standard Apache license
and the last patch I've posted should contain no "(C) RSE" at all. So you can
use anything you want from it, including the shared memory pool stuff, of
course. But the actual shared memory hard-core details are inside the MM
library, of course.  And this library stays under my personal copyright, yes.
But that should be also no problem for APR because it's a plain BSD style
license and for inclusion into APR you not even need to follow the
advertisement clause (I need no explicit credit from the AG because I'm part
of the AG). So using even the MM library inside APR is no problem, isn't it?

> I always have the option of just grabing the code from the scoreboard
> logic, and using it.  So re-writing isn't really an issue.

Please neither reuse the scoreboard stuff nor rewrite shared memory handling
from scratch. You would just reinvent the wheel and the shared memory stuff is
horrible unportable and you would again need as much time as I've needed for
MM. Use an abstraction library like MM which already contains the hard-core
details. As I said, the license issue should be no problem. And the MM library
is a lot cleaner than the current scoreboard stuff. So I recommend you to use
                                       Ralf S. Engelschall

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