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From Vivek Sadananda Pai <>
Subject Re: fix for hybrid server problems.
Date Sun, 09 May 1999 13:04:07 GMT
Manoj Kasichainula <> wrote:
> My understanding is that a select()-based server is fast because you
> don't have to deal with many context switches, right?

I've compared the raw performance of a select-based server with a
multiple-process server on both FreeBSD and Solaris/x86. On
microbenchmarks, there's only a marginal difference in performance
stemming from the software architecture. The big performance win for
select-based servers stems from doing application-level caching. While
multiple-process servers can do it at a higher cost, it's harder to
get the same benefits on real workloads (vs microbenchmarks).

I'll be presenting those measurements as part of a paper that'll
appear at the next Usenix conference. If you've got postscript,
the paper is available at


P.S. I'll be out of e-mail contact for about a week or so, but will
read the list again when I get back

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