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From Mark Mills <>
Subject Re: Legal Inclusion of mod_ssl in the Standard Distribution of 1.3.7
Date Fri, 07 May 1999 19:25:45 GMT
> (I am not subscribed to neither mod_ssl list nor new-httpd lists, so
> please CC me to any reply).
> Following the new rule regarding to inclusion of encryption code in
> an Open-Source packages (which you can read about in zillion places
> like:
> and others), I propose the following:
> Now, that these legal issues disappear, Apache has a great

No smack at anyone (this IS my first post to this list but...) did anyone
read the article?

	"As a practical matter, the government is not enjoined from applying
	its regulations--except to Bernstein. But we're one step closer to
	doing away with the regulations," she added.  "The ruling shows that
	Justice saw the real reason we are fighting this--this case is about
	whether you and me and everyone has access to the tools to protect
	our privacy or not."
This is no sweeping ruling, they simply can't pursue the ONE GUY.
> -- 
> Eli Marmor

Mark Mills  <>
Technical Research Advisor
  IXC Internet Services

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