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From Mark Bixby <>
Subject Re: Apache in the News. (HP MPE/iX)
Date Mon, 03 May 1999 16:18:11 GMT
Sam Rasins writes:
> More Apache in the news, this one was excerpted from Information Week:
> __________HP Enhances Server Line___________
> Hewlett-Packard is prepping its 25-year-old proprietary 3000 
> server line for E-business applications. Its new addition to 
> the series, the HP 3000 989KS/x50 server, will include Web-
> enabling technologies, advanced HP AutoRAID storage, and 
> integrated HP OpenView system-management functionality.
> The new models will be certified for running Apache on 
> MPE/ix, which enables persistent connections, content 
> negotiation, host-name identification, and name-based 
> virtual hosts, among other features.

This article doesn't really give the full story with respect to Apache.

Back at the February IPROF99 conference, HP announced support for Apache on
MPE/iX as a official product that will be bundled into FOS (Fundamental
Operating System, i.e. the core MPE features that every machine comes with).

An alpha test version of Apache has been available for download from HP since
February.  Current plans call for a beta test version to be released sometime
this month, as soon as patches for some MPE OS POSIX issues have been tested.
IIRC, the production release of Apache should be available in August.

Apache will be officially supported across the entire HP 3000 product line,
not just the new 989KS/x50 server.

I speak only as the person who ported Apache to MPE/iX.  I don't speak for HP
or work for HP.  I believe the people who do speak for HP are lurking on
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