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From Wilfredo Sanchez <>
Subject [PATCH] Mac OS X default path layout
Date Sun, 02 May 1999 22:28:04 GMT
  OK, so here's the default path thing again. Patch in question is below.

Arguments against:

1- Platform dependent kludge which makes APACI too inconsistent
   and is at least against consistent defaults.

2- If we change the default for Mac OS X, then we should also
   do RedHat and other platforms.

3- Different paths are possibly a problem if you use multiple platforms.

4- But I don't like the way my OS vendor lays things out.

  I'm obviously simplifying on the expectation that people have read  
the prior arguments in full.

  As for arguments 1 and 2, I'm all for doing the same for other  
platforms so we're consistant.  But one thing to consider is that all  
"other platforms" (I think?) are Unix platforms.  Except for  
Windows, and I don't think Windows uses the Apache layout, though I  
haven't checked.  Mac OS X is not a Unix platform, either, even  
though we do have the ability to host Unix in the OS.

  I think that the assumption that any one layout works on all  
platforms is severely flawed.  We don't support DSO on all platforms;  
they don't all have it, but certainly we should (by default) for  
those that do.  So why install files into locations that don't exist  
for the platform?

  Even so, /usr/local/apache is not going to be a visible location  
for most users, and putting the config files there basically makes  
them inaccessable to users, which is a drag, since the UI tools they  
normally use are also looking elsewhere for those files.

  I'm very simpathetic to the consistancy argument, but I also find  
the "This is just plain wrong on my platform" argument pretty  
compelling. Of course, I'm making it, so there you go.  In any case,  
platforms are different in some ways, and path locations is one of  

  Argument 4 is a weak one; this is why the defaults are  
configurable in the first place.  I don't like the Apache layout, and  
think is should be basinshed for all platforms. But I'm not real  
passionate about it, since I have other options.

  Argument 3 is an interesting one, though.  But other things may be  
in alternate locations accross platforms as well, so this is hardly  
a unique situation.  Even Unixen differ significantly in the most  
basic ways.  OK, my argument is weak, too.  What I do know is that  
there are straightforward ways to deal with this problem, and they  
are well understood, like "make your scripts smarter", or "build all  
apaches (apachen?) with your favorite layout, since you still can".


Index: configure
RCS file: /CVSRoot/CoreOS/Services/apache/apache/configure,v
retrieving revision
diff -u -d -b -w -r1.15.2.3 configure
--- configure   1999/05/02 21:52:01
+++ configure   1999/05/02 21:55:02
@@ -273,10 +273,15 @@
     *--with-layout=* )
     * )
+        case `$aux/GuessOS` in
+           *-apple-rhapsody*) default_layout="Mac OS X Server";;
+           *-apple-macos*) default_layout="Mac OS X Server";;
+           *) default_layout="Apache";;
+        esac
         if [ "x$*" = "x" ]; then
-            set -- '--with-layout=Apache'
+            set -- --with-layout="${default_layout}"
-            set -- '--with-layout=Apache' "$@"
+            set -- --with-layout="${default_layout}" "$@"

       Wilfredo Sanchez,
Apple Computer, Inc., Core Operating Systems / BSD
   1 Infinite Loop, 302-4K, Cupertino, CA 95014

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