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From "R.J. Kraaij" <>
Subject The TWun / ETAG
Date Fri, 02 Apr 1999 13:44:54 GMT
The Timeless WorldWide Unique Number (TWUN)

this is a research onwards Twunning, a continuening, based on WUN, 
with this different : a WUN is used to Keep an eye on Session Pools, but a
Twun is about creating a Timeless Server Side Database of the unique user.

While digging into http headers document, i saw something called etags.

transfered to the server by " If-none-match" 

did i understand it correctly, that this means, that the browser hands
over a tag, the server checks it, and based on that the server responds by
saying it aint't modified, or for example, just transfers the file ?

So, what will happen if i create a homebrewn etag routine, on a special
location ,say http://somehost:someport/someuin.htm and starts counting
with aaaaa:0001 for the first person to ask this adres.

Then return a aaaaa:0002 for the second person,
browser 1 comes back another day, sends the "if-none-match aaaaa:0001"
inside's it's get header

Gees, thinks the server, welcome aboard User , you 'f been here :o), then
smashes the Twun routines, checks the user in his database, addes the Twun
to the Wun , and starts logging the Twun in front of the Logbase. and
bravely response a " Not Modified, etag =aaaaa:0001" to the user.


I don't know if it will work, or can work, problems with proxy will
atleast popup's with Twunning, and maybe i'm seeying five things wrong
atleast, but hey, it looks funny annyway :o)

Any Comment, Or Dis-Comment is welcome..

 -- Reinder Kraaij

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