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Subject "embeding" apache(-apr)
Date Mon, 26 Apr 1999 16:21:24 GMT

Right now, there is  only one way to start and initialize apache - in
http_main there are several "private"/static methods and data structures (
like common_init, server_rec, pconf, etc) - and main() use them to
initialize itself. 

With apache-apr, it is possible to "embed" apache inside an existing
application ( using the 1 process, many threads model ).

I tried to do that with Java - with SHARED_CORE, I was able to
load and init, and to init and configure all standard modules.
My target is  to to use some of the modules and the httpd core
inside a Java program, and to have Java servlets interoperate with
"normal" modules.

My wish - if you can "expose" more internal methods ( as CORE_PRIVATE for
example, or just make them non-static). ( I have a small list of methods 
I used ).

I don't think that will have a big impact on the apache code - it's not
about adding more "supported" API functions, and there are already many
non-static methods that are not part of the API.

The benefit - I saw many messages on this list about using parts of apache
as "general-purpose" code. 


( another wish - the configuration of most apache modules can be done
easily using an API instead of the current httpd.conf - except http_core, 
that read portions of the http.conf file itself instead of 
letting the http_conf "feed" it with configurations. Unfortunately this is
a complex change, I have few hopes you want this kind of change)


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