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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject Re: Changing Windows dev platform to MSVC++ 6?
Date Tue, 13 Apr 1999 04:02:03 GMT
On Mon, 12 Apr 1999, Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:

> I've been told that the output MSVC++ version 6 compiler is
> considerably better optimised over V5.  Measurably.  What's
> the general feeling about moving the base Apache development
> platform on windows forward from V5 to V6?

If I had 30 spare minutes, and I had reason, I could do something on the
Win32 code.

If you upgrade to VC6, I can't.

Should you care about me?  Probably not.  However, I think there are a
number of developers like me which may add up to enough...  

Why can't things work right?  We support gcc 2.8 and gcc 2.7 etc.  Sigh.

Do we really care about a better optimized compiler on Win32 at this

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