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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: NSPR ping.
Date Thu, 08 Apr 1999 00:00:58 GMT
On Mon, 5 Apr 1999, Ryan Bloom wrote:
> I am pinging about my favorite topic again, NSPR.  It is now April 5th,
> and we still haven't heard anything about the new Mozilla License.  They
> have been in the news for the last week, because Mozilla is 1 year old,
> but nothing about the next release with a new License, not even when it
> can be expected.

Well, seeing as how you guys were one of the prime drivers to get their
license changed, if you can't get them to answer your calls and commit to
a date to publish the license you said you were happy with, then I guess
I've got no business standing in your way.  I'd love to not see
duplication of work, especially when it's because a license was simply not
published early enough, but if it doesn't look like it's changing, then go
for it.

I've got one other avenue I can ask about the license.... I'll send them
an email.

> They have recently lost at least one of their key developers, and I would
> assume that with AOL laying off 430 people at Netscape, that some people
> at Mozilla have been let go.

Let's not spread FUD about Mozilla.  Jamie left, but as best I could tell
(and I've known Jamie a little while now, and my wife used to work with
him at Lucid), it was as much for personal reasons as management reasons.
I happen to think he took a lot of it very personally, and I think Frank
Hecker's analysis of Mozilla at one year old is really on the money:

But Jamie's right: software is hard.  That's why I've tried to be cautious
about not duplicating work that other people have done.

But, yeah, if things aren't working out, they aren't working out.  Time to
fish or cut bait as they say.  


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