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From (
Subject Re: [PATCH] make install on os2 (PR#4269)
Date Fri, 30 Apr 1999 17:47:54 GMT
In article <>,
"Ralf S. Engelschall" <> wrote:
>In article <> you wrote:
>> Here's a patch to fix three problems with make install on os2 (pr#4269):
>> 1. presence of INSTALL file causes make install to do nothing
>> fix: make install target dependent on Makefile (which should always be newer)
>> possible alternatives:
>>      rename INSTALL to INSTALLNOTE, INSTALLAPACHE, or something else
>>   or allow 'make installapache' instead (change install: to
>>      installapache: and add line: install: installapache)
>Hmm... I would avoid renaming the INSTALL file or the target.  because these
>names are well-known and are common practice.  People expect a document named
>"INSTALL" and they expect a target "install". So when this is in conflict with
>OS\2 (where I guess the problem is that the filesystem doesn't work
>case-sensitive, right?), then we should rename "install" to "install-all" and
>add "install: install-all" as you suggested.

Fine, but what was your problem with my preferred solution:

--- apache_1.3.6/Makefile.tmpl  Mon Mar 15 17:38:28 1999
+++ apache/Makefile.tmpl        Fri Apr 30 11:00:16 1999
@@ -201,7 +201,7 @@
 #   the install target for installing the complete Apache
 #   package. This is implemented by running subtargets for the
 #   separate parts of the installation process.
+install: Makefile
        @if [ ! -f $(TOP)/$(SRC)/ ]; then \
                $(MAKE) -f $(TOP)/$(MKF) $(MFLAGS) $(MFWD) build; \
        else \

This should work wether or not there is an install file present as long
as Makefile is newer (which it should be).  If you still do want to do it
by adding install-all, the following should also be changed:

--- apache-1.3/Makefile.tmpl    Wed Apr 28 07:12:48 1999
+++ apache/Makefile.tmpl        Fri Apr 30 11:11:02 1999
@@ -242,7 +242,7 @@

 #   the non-verbose variant for package maintainers
-       @$(MAKE) -f $(TOP)/$(MKF) $(MFLAGS) $(MFWD) QUIET=1 install
+       @$(MAKE) -f $(TOP)/$(MKF) $(MFLAGS) $(MFWD) QUIET=1 install-all

 #   create the installation tree

>I append you my revised patch which I've now comitted.
>When it still doesn't work for you completely, please complain.
>At least your realname for the credit in CHANGES would be reasonable ;)


--- /apache-1.3/src/CHANGES	Wed Apr 28 07:12:02 1999
+++ ./CHANGES	Wed Apr 28 20:07:16 1999
@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@
   *) Add support for OS/2 (case insenstive filesystem, .exe suffix, etc)
      to APACI files and related scripts. 
-     [?? <>, Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#4269
+     [Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes <>, Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#4269
   *) Add support for standalone mode in TPF
      [Joe Moenich <>]

By the way, the recent Mac OS patch someone posted also introduced a call to
GuessOS into configure.  It should probably be changed to use $PLATFORM now.

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