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From Ben Hyde <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: apache-apr/apr/lib apr_pools.c
Date Wed, 28 Apr 1999 21:12:06 GMT writes:

>   	{Whew!}  First pass at ... pool stuff

Happy day!  I'm so very happy to see this move into APR.

Feel free to ignore following commentary.

It would be a good thing to break off the N data structures
invented in there that only have in common that they reside
in pools.  Then when the linker is rolling up code that uses
on APR they don't all have to get linked in.  The regexp
stuff, in particular, creates a dependency on a large package
much too low in the overal dependency graph.

Some of these data types might be better left in the Apache
layer, rather than the apr layer since they are possibly
not approprate for what's billed as a "portablity" layer
versus a "damn useful libray" layer.  I'm guessing the
arrays and tables won't be used within apr.

I'd be very tempted eliminate the vistigal "p" in a lot of these.
   apr_palloc -> apr_alloc etc.

Maybe it is a little late to say anything but I wish that apr_ was
just ap_ in apr.  The prefix ap_ exists only to create a safe
namespace when code written by total strangers join up in the stupid C
linker.  The apr_ namespace and the ap_ namespace are not going to
need to be protected from each other, they are very good friends.  In
fact amoung friends it seems cruel for Mr. APR to make Mr. AP rewrite
a mess of code, for a while we will want to keep things in multiple
CVS branchs in some kind of sync and this makes it harder.

 - ben

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