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Date Tue, 20 Apr 1999 14:13:41 GMT
In a message dated 99-04-20 12:16:24 EDT, Dean Gaudet.

> The children inherit their counters from the parent ... so subtract
>  7 mallocs from and 57428 bytes from all the child numbers.  So the
>  children called malloc 4 times, and allocated a total of 32824 bytes.

Good stats. It shows that Apache is not 'malloc'ing its brains out, anyway.
I guess 4 mallocs per child is no big deal unless you get really anal and
whip out your calculator and start multiplying by thousands of requests.

But what were the actual requests' coming in? 
What if the request is so simple it doesn't even warrant this sort of 
That's where the 'select' based model kicks in.

I guess we are already being a little 'anal' here...
But when the gloves come off... microseconds DO count.

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