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From Raymond S Brand <>
Subject Re: Addition to config.layout
Date Tue, 27 Apr 1999 18:27:20 GMT
Wilfredo Sanchez wrote:
>   It should probably be called "SysV"; isn't /opt a System V convention?

Possibly, but it has long since outgrown its Sys V roots.

> I'm a little confused by sysconfdir and localstatedir:
>     prefix:        /opt/apache
>     sysconfdir:    /etc$prefix
>     localstatedir: /var$prefix
> Won't that be /etc/opt/apache? That doesn't seem right. Perhaps you mean:
>     sysconfdir:    $prefix/etc
>     localstatedir: $prefix/var
> Or
>     sysconfdir:    /etc/apache
>     localstatedir: /var/apache
> I'm pretty sure "/etc/opt" is not right, but I'm a BSD weenie, and
> only know SysV via some Solaris use.

/etc/opt/apache and /var/opt/apache are correct. For an overview (though
somewhat dated) take a look at

I think the layout standards people are currently pushing for it to
be /opt/<vendor>/<product>, /etc/opt/<vendor>/<product>, and
/var/opt/<vendor>/<product>. But I prefer /opt/apache/sbin/httpd to
/opt/Apache_Group/httpd/sbin/httpd and most other sysadmins I've worked
with feel the same for single product vendors.

On the systems I maintain, I define $prefix to /opt/apache/apache-<version>
and have symlinks for the bin, sbin, man, share, etc. directories in
/opt/apache point to the currently SUPPORTED version.

I used to be a BSD weenie, now I'm an unemployed Solaris and Linux weenie.

Raymond S Brand

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