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From Nitin Sonawane <>
Subject Re: select vs. threads vs. fork
Date Mon, 19 Apr 1999 15:09:24 GMT wrote:
> I was just wondering whether anyone's put any thought into making Apache
> into a select-based multiplexing web server instead of the concurrent
> process model that it currently is?  Looking around, I've seen a couple
> servers (thttpd, mathopd, boa) that are way higher in performance... and
> they look like they'd be really easy to code modules for.  I don't know
> how difficult it would be to port Apache though...
> ---
> tani hosokawa
> river styx internet

    This 'great performance' argument has always puzzled me. While
running in a single process, everytime you make a system call, youd get
context switched or BLOCKED at the kernel's discretion. Take a simple
example of the open system call. Wouldnt the kernel block you while each
directory in the path is being read, searched, the inode looked up, and
the inode read in. Where does the high performance come from?


PS: The other compelling argument for having more than one server
processes is that if a single process seg faults., the server keeps
running. - NS

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