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From tser <>
Subject follow up handler problem (6 similair bug reports found)
Date Sat, 17 Apr 1999 17:15:57 GMT
If' seen a lot of similair Reports as i encountered with the dual
warning/error about handlers in the bug database.

with either warnings about missing files after a wrong handler, or files
still shown after a fake missing handler, or abusivly reports the
handler isn't there

2751 general  open     Handler problem false, should not be logged.
3349 general  open     spurious "handler xxx not found" messages
4090 general  open     Handler checkup generates warnings with mod_jserv
and possibly others

these might be related :
3436 general  open     Continuous handler XXXX not found messages
2584 mod_acti analyzed Seeing alot of these: "handler "cgi-wrapper" not
found for" since upgrading
3548 mod_acti open     Seeing a lot of "handler "cgi-wrapper" not found
for:" Same as PR2584

To fall Back on my previous message

1) Should Apache when it doesn't find the handler, Stop processing the
request and report a 404 error ?
2) Should Apacke place a warning in the errorlog if the hanlder failes,
but the file deliviry succeeds ?

				Reinder Kraaij.

Ps :there might be somethign wrong with this passage in the
http_config.c :

 /* Pass one --- direct matches */

 for (handp = handlers; handp->hr.content_type; ++handp) {
     if (handler_len == handp->len
         && !strncmp(handler, handp->hr.content_type, handler_len)) {
         result = (*handp->hr.handler) (r);

         if (result != DECLINED)
             return result;

 if (result == HTTP_INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR && r->handler) {
         "handler \"%s\" not found for: %s", r->handler, r->filename);

 /* Pass two --- wildcard matches */

 for (handp = wildhandlers; handp->hr.content_type; ++handp) {
     if (handler_len >= handp->len
         && !strncmp(handler, handp->hr.content_type, handp->len)) {
          result = (*handp->hr.handler) (r);

          if (result != DECLINED)
              return result;

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