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From tser <>
Subject Apache on Win98 / with MSVC++ 6? using nmake / Crash questions. /handler not found, not report 404 imediatly
Date Sat, 17 Apr 1999 15:10:59 GMT
I today compiled the apache on a win98 / Visual studio 6 machine.
I used nmake, not the GUi, to compile the source, and it went OK.
(expect tons of  Signification lost "here and there" warningmessages)
It runs's fine & fast and a standard - no modifications - runs reliable

I placed my own module in the core, and tried to recompile it, and after
some error digging, Finaly, the module worked inside.
Apache -l bravely showed my module (yes, i was happy :o))

I trow up the handler, and made a typo which brings me to the first

In my error log, i got the following output :

  [Sat Apr 17 14:24:20 1999] [warn] [client] handler
"chatshow" not found for: e:/w/apache/htdocs/chat
  [Sat Apr 17 14:24:20 1999] [error] [client] File does not
exist: e:/w/apache/htdocs/chat

That looks like that, if the handler does not exist, apache tries to
find the real location of the URL. I created a directory  at
e:/w/apache/htdocs/chat and Indeed, Apache then shows that directory.
Without posting *any* message in the error.log, not even a warning.
about the handler.

isn't it safer to report directly a 404 Error, insteed of trying to
lookup the file location of your not-availeble  handler ? And Reporting
an Error, Rather then a warning ? e.g :[error] Handler not found

The Second Thing i walked up, was a Crash in apache, (in my own module,
don't worry :o)), It popud up with a well-known Windows-Crash Window,
Asking me for input (eg, do you want to debug, ok..etc). 

It was pretty cool apache continued to life !, But i was wondering if
anybody knows how to  supress that window, and just write in the
errorlog, that a thread died.

You know, if oneday, a real bug is found, and spread among the net like
fire, i don't want to see my screen full of CrashWindows :o)

					Reinder Kraaij

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