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From Greg Stein <>
Subject [PATCH] add Expat as an option
Date Thu, 15 Apr 1999 10:53:48 GMT
Attached is a patch (to apache-1.3) to add Expat into the core server,
for use by modules (mod_dav and mod_php have already signed up to use
this if made available). The patch adds a new RULE_EXPAT to control the
addition of Expat to the server. The rule is forced to "no" if the
src/expat/ directory is not present (this allows a distribution to
easily remove [the MPL'd] Expat if required).

It also solves the problem noted earlier (Expat was not being pulled
into httpd, making it unavailable for DSOs) by adding a stub function
into http_main.

For the Expat inclusion to work, it is also presumed that Expat's
"xmlparse.h" header is dropped into src/include/.
=> Q: should Configure also ensure that the xmlparse.h header exists? I
say "no" with the expectation that the person add/removing Expat to/from
the distribution should know better.

Note: this patch uses the same style of Makefile symbols and stuff as
the HSREGEX stuff. (the header in src/include/ and the $(REGLIB) stuff.
It may be interesting in the future to provide a more extensible way to
do this, so we don't end up with a bazillion *LIB things in the link

=> Q: what should we do if a module says RULE_EXPAT=yes, but the
directory doesn't exist? This test would be at line 1552 (of the patched
Configure); what is the "approved" way to punt from Configure with an

Presuming this goes in, then I'll follow up with an appropriate
src/expat/ subdirectory patch. That's a bit different decision: do we do
nothing in the core for Expat, do we add a framework but not ship Expat
itself, or do we add the framework and Expat?


Greg Stein,

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