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From Greg Stein <>
Subject Re: apache-apr
Date Thu, 08 Apr 1999 22:55:33 GMT
Just in case it wasn't obvious... you *do* know that apache-apr
shouldn't be used in a production environment, right?

I believe testing has been done with a high transaction rate, but I
don't know what sorts of persistent, high-load testing has been

-g wrote:
> Well, I compiled it and got it going, had to make a couple small changes
> -- HARD_SERVER_LIMIT = 30, HARD_THREAD_LIMIT = 64.  I don't know if those
> are appropriate for a threaded Apache.  I'd been told that 32 threads was
> normal for a Netscape webserver, so I tried it out... anyhow, it didn't
> work all that great.  Right now I've got it set up with 16 threads/child,
> maxclients=14.  I'm running the non-threaded right now (1.3.6) and it's
> holding steady at 40-50 processes (sometimes spiking to 80).  When I
> switch to apache-apr, it runs fine for a while, sometimes half an hour or
> so, but eventually it seems to hang.  I connect, but don't actually manage
> to get a request through.  I was wondering how if it was just a matter of
> tuning the server settings?  Anyone else running with high load?  I'm
> using the Linux traffic shaper to hold my traffic down right now, but when
> I open it up I immediately fill my 3 megabit connection to the top.

Greg Stein,

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