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From tser <>
Subject Re: the Twun (progress)
Date Mon, 05 Apr 1999 10:40:09 GMT
Morning,midday/evening/happy easter!

[ Cache-Control: must-revalidate,max-age=0 ,the proxy-cache is forced to
do revalidation.]
[> That depends on the implementation.  ]
> In the long term, it will probably be both the etag in the request and
> the cache's etag, since you can send both and determine what was active
> based on the response.
*drums on his keuboard* ,, We really need to have those proxy's updated,
to let the etag routine work !:-) Somebody Call the engineers" :o)))

> But this whole idea is totally ridiculous -- you can achieve the same result
> far more reliably and easily by adding a user identifier to the URL,
> just like, and that will work with any browser.
It's not about reliably , or easily, it's about the posibility that it
does exist.
and even if it only works with 20% of your webserver users, You cover
inside that  30% of those non-accepting Cookie Freaks. (count me in :o))
and that's an achievement.

> In any case, we sure as hell aren't going to add this thing to the stock
> Apache server, so the purpose of this discussion eludes me.
Ow, I Agree a 100% that we should add etag tracking by default to the
apache server, i personal don't like to be tracking without knowledge
off being tracked :-)

But we /need/ A Open-Client identification routine inside apache,
Otherwise there's not suchs a way as identifying which httpd child
belongs to which user. 
and we want to have that info in a database and mod_usertracking is just
not powerfull enough to do all the tricks, and so isn't mod_unique_id.c

Session Pools it's something we never had in apache, and which i realy

Annyway i'm extending the Twunning routine :

1) to use cookies, 
2) To use Url path Redirecting : 
3) to Use Url end Redirecting : 

Btw, can somebody ,perhaps, advice me a good Packet Tracer on Linux
(and/or Sunos)? 
I' getting mad with my one :o) (if i wasn't already)

(and So he said " It's not about having it in the stock Apache, it's
about having it made, having shared it, and having had fun with it,
letting them deside what they do with it" )

				 Reinder Kraaij

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