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From "Dietz, Phil E." <>
Subject RE: The Wun (worldwidewebuniquenumber)
Date Fri, 02 Apr 1999 14:57:06 GMT
The mod_unique_id module that comes with Apache generates a platform unique
It is 19 chars.

	-----Original Message-----
	From:	R.J. Kraaij []
	Sent:	Friday, April 02, 1999 3:13 AM
	Subject:	The Wun (worldwidewebuniquenumber)

	I'm working a Server Side Client Identification, a method, to
recognize a
	client during his session, a method capable of Differing Clients on
	Server, even if they'coming along of the Same proxy.

	I'f seen two different Modules of this on the Net :

	1) They place a identifier in the Left behind the host :


	2) They place the method at the end of the URl :


	Now, Using Referer technology (which is enabled by far more users
	cookies) one should be capable of tracking a user, Server Side..

	This ,combined with the Shared Memory Pool enables "Real Client
	and gives a webmaster a real idea about how many diferent users are
	his(her's) System.

	When Plotting this out, i came to some questions

	1) How long should a WordWideWebUniqueNumber be (WUN) ? 
	2) Where inside the Apache Architecture could a WUN be placed eg, to
	   which struct do we at it..
	3) the functions like " ap_get_wun(..), ap_check_wun, ap_create_wwun
	   are they best placed inside a new file, or stick together in the

	the basic idea why i came on this one, is that 'f been using get
	for a while now, to overcome problems, with schools, who use my
	chatsystem, but have browser, which a forced no cookies allowed.

	it's okay to use get's for that, but i think the architecture will
be a
	lot easier when i knock it off with wun's.

	And wun's also could be used, to create pools, wich could be
	only by some wun's.

	any idea's, tips, or Twappings would be nice :o)

					- Reinder Kraaij


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