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From Wilfredo Sanchez <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Support for Mac OS X, some cleanup for Mac OS X Server
Date Fri, 30 Apr 1999 18:49:47 GMT
| I still don't understand this: IMHO there should be no need for  
such a define,
| because there should be no situation where one has to know this.  
It's at least
| against the intention that APACI and src/Configure are equal in  
results and
| just are different frontends.  Isn't it enough to replace your  
#define XXX
| with #ifndef XXX, #define XXX, #endif as we already do it in  
httpd.h for those
| defines?

  OK, that's cool. I convinced myself that -DAPACI was simpler, but  
I agree with your point.

| Hmmm... that introduces a platform dependent kludge which makes  
| inconsistent and is at least against consistent defaults.  A  
default is a
| default and should be the same for all platforms. Why should a
| ``--with-layout="Mac OS X Server"'' be the default for Mac OS X  
when for
| instance ``--with-layout=RedHat'' isn't the default for RedHat,  
etc? No, I've
| to vote -1 for this part of the patch. When --with-layout="Mac OS  
X Server"
| reads to ugly for you then perhaps you can at last rename it to
| --with-layout="MacOSX"...

  Actually, I think that the default on RedHat *should* be the  
RedHat layout. But since I don't use RedHat, I didn't propose that.

  So we use the "Apache" layout in the Windows NT binary distribution?

  The fact is that the Unix-style Apache layout is Just Plain Wrong  
on Mac OS, and Pretty Much Wrong on Mac OS X Server.  I think the use  
should be able to run Configure and get a default that is reasonable  
for his or her platform, and not some default that's kinda right on  
most platforms.

| I wonder.  If a user has the thing installed on his
| machine and he goes and gets a fresh version, as we
| surely want him to do, the default install should
| "do the right thing" and I'd argue that's to install
| in the way the what he has already installed.

| Ok, accepted although it doesn't make me personally happy. But  
then we should
| do a _general_ default adjustments for the layout which not only  
covers Mac OS
| X. You know, I'm not really against the goal of Apple here. My main
| concern is the inconsistency which occurs by a specific kludge.  
Either all
| get the same default or we've a general adjustment mechanism which  
| mainly all platforms. Half-way it will be confusing, I think.

  I think we should use "RedHat" on RedHat, and probably "opt" on  
Solaris, etc. Sure.

  I'm not convinced that my change in a kludge, though ideally it  
should be in Configure, not configure, but the layout business seems  
to be specific to APACI.

| I can't see typical Apple users upgrading at the unix prompt
| interface.

  Don't underestimate our users. I see them do this every day. Not  
everyone, but those to develop with C don't really have a problem  
with this. Actually, I *can* just double-click on configure in the  
Apache source tree and just watch it go do it's thing. It would be  
nice if it did The Right Thing for the Apple user in this case, since  
one doesn't get an opportunity to speficy arguments when  

| Or, Apple could distribute a shell script that runs ./configure with
| appropriate options, and suggest to users that they use this shell
| script to get the OSX defaults.

  We do ship a source tree that replicated exactly our version.

  What I'd like is for users to download from the latest  
thing and have it work nicely.


       Wilfredo Sanchez,
Apple Computer, Inc., Core Operating Systems / BSD
   1 Infinite Loop, 302-4K, Cupertino, CA 95014

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