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From Ben Hyde <>
Subject Get your program here.
Date Thu, 08 Apr 1999 15:01:18 GMT

Just a quick note about the lay of the land.  

There are three branches of "thinking" going on these days.

The STATUS files of three repositories give a sense of what's
happening in each branch.  That URL's below actually load CVS
logs of the STATUS file, which can be too long.  Just stop
the load and grab the latest revision.

1.  This is the 1.3.6 development.

2.  This is apache-pthread an attempt to get 
    threading on unix (already it's in Windows).
    This is an experiment so it also has some work
    to clarify the porting boundary.

3.   This is wonderfully fecund arena. Every intellectually stimulating idea and every 
     deeply felt frustration with the existing code 
     is currently in the pot.

There is currently some thought to promoting the pthread branch to
being the "next released thing" for example that might involve
calling it 1.4.

The sources in the 2.0 repository are actually a port of apache to
NSPR (the Mozilla portability layer).  That has "tainted" them since
there are currently some licensing problems with NSPR.

There is currently some discussion going on to getting 2.0 out of
"discussion" and into "implementation".

There is an undercurrent of strong feelings around exactly how far 2.0
ought to fall from installed base.

  - ben

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