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From Ben Hyde <>
Subject Re: VOTE: apache-apr -> (1.4|2.0)
Date Mon, 19 Apr 1999 18:22:06 GMT

This is the vote tally dejour. - ben


Question I: Should the next non-point release of Apache be based on the
hybrid "apache-apr" prototype?
 I:     YES  [13]  NO  [ 0]

Question II: Should the next release of Apache be called 1.4 or 2.0, even
if multithreading and a portability API are the only new additions?
 II:    1.4  [ 3]  2.0 [10]

Question III: If you answered "yes" to question I, and consider 'N' to be
either 1.4 or 2.0 based on your answer to question II, is the following a
reasonable set of actions to take?

  a) Rename the "apache-2.0" CVS module to "apache-nspr".
 IIIa:  YES  [13]  NO  [ 0]

  b) Move the "2.0 design documents" from apache-nspr to a new
     directory under apache-site   
 IIIb:  YES  [11]  NO  [ 0]

  c) Create a new "apache-N" module, import APACHE_1_3_6 as tagged
     from the apache_1.3 module, and patch it to bring it up to apache-apr
 IIIc:  YES  [ 6]  NO  [ 3]

  d) *Alternately to IIIc:* create the "apache-N" module and import the
     apache-apr/pthreads tree from the "apache-apr" module.
 IIId:  YES  [ 0]  NO  [11]

  e) "apache-apr" should be kept around a project aimed at developing a
     generic portability layer for other Apache projects (or even
 IIIe:  YES  [ 3]  NO  [ 8]

Votes tallied
  Wilfredo      Ryan
  Ralf          Dean
  Jim           Paul
  Martin        Rasmus
  Ken           Lars
  Bill          Ben H.

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