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From "R.J. Kraaij" <>
Subject Re: take 2: new 1.3.6 tarball rolled
Date Tue, 23 Mar 1999 15:06:34 GMT
i'm sorry - made a mistypo. i meant first i did  ./Configure inside the
src dir, then i typed with my sleepy head make install, readed the
message, thought "doh..", went back to the parent, did a configure, did a
make install, went back to the src and did a configure again :o)

And yes, I ruined my custom installation by running that parent script,
but all what i was after, was getting the directory structure :o)

> You tried the latter, and expected to have the advantages of the
> further. Sorry, but I fear that apache currently doesn't support
> that (and probably never will).
If Apache is not going to support it, at least, the User shouldn't me
mentioned about the parent "make install" without a severe warning of what
he's doing. 

What i was trying to point out that the message " do a make install in the
parent" might not have been a good message there 

 > You are not expected to run both. The results will be
unexpected, > because one overrides the settings of the other.

*shakes head* "I know, that what i did was wrong, therfor i did it :o)

    - Reinder.

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