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From Paul Sutton <>
Subject Re: os-windows/3988: Apache 1.3.4 will not operate in Win95
Date Wed, 03 Mar 1999 21:59:57 GMT
On Wed, 3 Mar 1999 wrote:
> Oh! we should send Mr. Costner a thank you.

Indeed. Let's fix the problem (see below) and test it, then let him know
it was his information that solved it for us.

> Now I believe this is install shield announcing that it has to
> modify
>  (1) the OS DLL directory, either because 
>   (a) MSVCRT.dll is
>      - just arrived for the first time
>      - newer
>      - older?
>   (b) XXXX.dll possibly some organ of install shield?
>  (2) something else triggered it that we don't understand
>     - first uninstallable piece of software.
> The absense of the do you want to read the readme means
> "all bets are off"... what else "didn't happen"?
> If it is case 1a then maybe we just don't know how to
> modify the OS DLL directory in a manner that lets Install
> Shield wait to tell the user to reboot, and if we had
> that right the "didn't happen" would "happen".

Ah yes, that's it. If the IS reboot prompt does the reboot before
displaying the final prompt ("Do you want to read the README") then IS
probably isn't even attempting to run the install DLL which is triggered
by that final README prompt. So we have to run the DLL slightly earlier,
but after the files have been installed. I haven't got IS here to see if
there is an opportunity to run the DLL earlier. I'll check tomorrow.

> > > I restarted it. Apache
> > > didn't work. 
> This only makes sense if:
>  (a) the user was confused (seems unlikely)
>  (b) other things "didn't happen".
> > > I uninstalled and was pleasantly surprised to find that
> > > the entire Apache directory had been removed. 
> That's nice, but... 

The word "entire" is the clue here: if the install DLL runs it creates the
conf files, which since they are not installed by the installer are *not*
removed by the uninstaller. Since he says everything is removed, the DLL
can't have been run. And he tied this behaviour up nicely with the

> > > When I uninstalled
> > > the second installation, the directory was not deleted. 
> He doesn't mention if it worked at this point, let's assume it did?  The
> uninstall not removing the directory is bug - presumably unrelated to the
> reboot/no-workie syndrome mystery.

No, it is a feature -- really. The conf files have been configured by the
install DLL and may have been later updated by the user, so uninstall
doesn't remove them (ditto for whatever is in htdocs, cgi-bin, etc, though
I think it does remove the log files). Of course if Apache was a real
Windows application it would probably have some sort of extension
"uninstall" DLL to prompt and the actually remove these extra files... (if
IS can trigger a DLL during the uninstall process, of course). Maybe once
we've got the installer working properly we can think about that (or about
a decent upgrade process).

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