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From Paul Sutton <>
Subject Re: os-windows/3988: Apache 1.3.4 will not operate in Win95
Date Wed, 03 Mar 1999 15:34:26 GMT
On 3 Mar 1999, Brian Costner wrote:
> >Number:         3988
> >Category:       os-windows
> >Synopsis:       Apache 1.3.4 will not operate in Win95

> Another thing I noticed. I did the first install to Program
> Files/Apache. When the installation was complete, I got a message
> saying the computer needed to be restarted. I restarted it. Apache
> didn't work. I uninstalled and was pleasantly surprised to find that
> the entire Apache directory had been removed. I made the second
> installation to Apache's default (Program Files/Apache Group/Apache).
> This time, at the end of the installation process, I got a screen
> asking me whether I want to view the readme file and a "Finish"
> button. This screen did not appear after the first install. There was
> no indication of a need to restart the computer. When I uninstalled
> the second installation, the directory was not deleted. I did the
> third installation to Program Files/Apache and this time got the
> readme file/finish screen as in the second installation. I've not yet
> uninstalled this set up. 

Ah, finally, an excellently detailed description of what happens when the
DLL doesn't run. Looks like it doesn't run when the installer asks for a
reboot, which occurs when MSVCRT.DLL is installed or upgraded. Maybe
the instal DLL requires MSVCRT.DLL to be available. It shouldn't, since
it should be linked against the non-DLL runtime (that is, with /MT not

Anyway I would guess that putting MSVCRT.DLL into the Apache install
directory (where both Apache.exe and install.dll live) would fix both
problems: allowing the DLL to work and not requiring the user to reboot.


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