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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject Re: [BUG] SHARED_CORE probably broken in 1.3.5
Date Mon, 22 Mar 1999 18:19:18 GMT
The environment is also available as a third argument to main() on many

I personally think adding features the day before a release is quite
sketchy.  We've avoided it in the past (like refusing to do limitexcept
the day before 1.3.4 or 1.3.3...) 


On Mon, 22 Mar 1999, Ralf S. Engelschall wrote:

> In article <> you wrote:
> > If my testing was correct, then apache_1.3.5 will not run on any platform
> > which requires the SHARED_CORE feature (at least if mod_env is compiled
> > as a DSO), as the recent mod_env patch broke it. On the platform I
> > tested it on, the variable "environ" is unavailable to a dynamically
> > loaded module because it is not exported by the core.
> Please let me understand it, Martin. You say that the environ variable isn't
> available to the mod_env DSO. Ok, this variable is usually made available by
> execve(2), so why makes it a difference whether the Apache core stays inside a
> DSO or not? I would have guessed the problem is whether mod_env is a DSO
> _ITSELF_, i.e. SHARED_MODULE. Hmmm... interesting. OTOH AFAIK the direct use
> of this variable via "extern char **environ" isn't very portable, isn't it?
>                                        Ralf S. Engelschall

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