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From Dirk-Willem van Gulik <>
Subject tables with binary data..
Date Fri, 19 Mar 1999 01:23:51 GMT

For a specific project; I needed to be able to store arbitrary binary data
in the r->notes. The main reason was to pass certain data around between
modules in a certan way. Extending table's 'a' proved fairly
straightforward; and using wrappers with strlen() easy to make backwards
compatible with the old ap_table_* calls. Now it certainly is a bit
wastefull; 4 extra bytes and its struct pointer for each entry. 

Now is this requirment general enough to spend some time on cleaning the 
patch up for a next release ? And secondly.. is the waste (memory and
an extra ptr to follow) worth the functionalyty ? We have done quite
well sofar with strings. 

Or should I have not re-used the existing table typedef, but would it have
been better to have two separate ones table classes; for the string and
for the binary type. (The prime reason for upgrading the existing table
was to reuse the r->notes, but that is a different story).

And finaly would it make sense to keep, besides the extra len data, a
'type' field around as well; in particular so that one can nest a table
inside a table value. Or is that way over the top ?


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