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From Dirk-Willem van Gulik <>
Subject Deeper reason behind (void) of child_init, child_exit
Date Thu, 11 Mar 1999 23:43:03 GMT
With regard to the child_init and child_exit handlers.

I just discovered that the exit codes of child_init and
child_exit are blisfully ignored... is there a deeper
meaning behind them just being void ?

Anyone mind chaning that so that they can return OK (ran
successfully), DECLINED (don't care) and/or some (HTTP)
error code. (In which case it is up to the module to 
log something into an appropriate errorlog).

In the latter case, reflecting that in an exit(!0) value 
as  well ? i.e. giving modules the option of aborting the 
startup of a server; where appropriate; and/or giving some
sort of indication that the shutdown (in particular during
a re-hup) was not entirely clean.


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