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From Vincent Janelle <>
Subject Re: incoming FTP directory on taz?
Date Wed, 17 Mar 1999 01:43:06 GMT

Roxen has a /incoming/ directory module with this "cool" option called "bitrot"

If people try and upload warez, they're gonna get a "big" surprised when they
try and extract it.  by default, anything after the first 2637bytes or so will
have a nice 3% corruption rate or something similiar =)

I tried it, this tarball reported as a gzip file, but cored gunzip quite nicely

On Tue, 16 Mar 1999, you wrote:
> There wasn't anything there, didn't look like it had been used in awhile,
> and couldn't find any reference to it in the docs as being a place to put
> things, so I decided to remove it to avoid hackers putting warez up.  I'd
> suggest, since FTP is on its way out, that we not consider reopening it.
> 	Brian

According to Microsoft KnowledgeBase article Q216641, Microsoft Windows
95/98 are limited to an uptime of *exactly* 49.7 days.
-- --UIN 23939474
--Try "talk" sometime =)

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