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From (David Whitmarsh)
Subject Apache as on off-line proxy
Date Wed, 10 Mar 1999 03:23:49 GMT

This patch allows apache to work as an off-line cache. It use two
additional directives:

ProxyCacheForOffline loosens the rstrictions to what is cached. While
online, these restrictions are enforced by corresponding changes in
the cache check functions, the net result being identical (I think)
behaviour to the current (1.3.4) distribution when online.

ProxyOffline, when set, causes all proxy requests to be serviced from
the cache only, no hostname lookups or network accesses are performed.
Request to NoProxy URLs are not affected.

I have also put together a couple of CGI scripts to index the cache
and search the index.

I have made these changes primarily because they are useful to me as I
work on a laptop often disconnected from a network. I can now have
apache as a local server and as an offline cache. To be seriously
useful to others, more work needs to be done with garbage collection
and possibly having the proxy module maintain a cache index on the

The patch also includes my fix to the win95 ApacheProxyModule dynamic
loading bug.

Comments or suggestions?



David Whitmarsh

Sparkle Computer Co Ltd

Sybase C C++ perl UNIX NT


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