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From Christof Damian <>
Subject Re: NSPR (was Re: cvs commit: apache-apr/pthreads/src/main http_main.c)
Date Thu, 18 Mar 1999 19:15:38 GMT
Greg Stein wrote:
> Ryan Bloom wrote:
> > ...
> > I agree with Jim, that we need to support older modules from A1.3, but I
> > am having a hard time figuring out how to do this.  The only solution I
> > can think of off the top of my head, is to offer a new module, that
> > basically passes requests off to process-based modules, and then accepts
> > the data back from them.  This module would need to interface with another
> > daemon that actually runs the modules, and this will be a performance hit.
> This seems a bit complicated. Why can't you simply say, "if you want to
> run an old module, then set the per-process thread count to 1."
> If people want to stick with legacy code, then they can stick with a
> legacy style of operation. Apache will certainly continue to work for
> them, although they won't see some of the benefits until they update
> their module or obsolete its usage.

If that is the case and the other solution would be to have a
"module-server", then why not tell the people with legacy modules to
run 1.3, which is probably best suited for runing 1.3 modules. And it
is a working solution, while creating a new "module-server" will have
new errors and incompabilities with old modules.

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