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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: Apache 2 mutiple pools feature request
Date Wed, 03 Mar 1999 19:47:44 GMT
> > Having IIOP as wire protocol and a good API that allows access to the full
> > Apache API will solve a lot of problems ( and you get for free many years of
> > research and many existing implementations ).
> I've not had much experience with Corba, but those who have say it's too
> slow and complex for server-side apps concerned about speed.  I think it'd
> be great to see if that was due to the protocol itself, or simply due to
> poor implementations.  But it'll be tough to beat a custom protocol.

Again, I don't want to argue with people knowing more than I do.

Simpler doesn't always means faster - any custom protocol  ( including AJP )
will need a lot of time to reach the optimizations done currently in IIOP
( where a lot of people had a lot of fun).
Plus the protocol is at least designed with speed in mind: byteorder negotiation,

can be used over network or via direct calls, ORBs can optimized the
calling path, etc.
Sooner or later you will need authentication, encryption, etc -  all this is
available in the corba design ( and sometimes in free implementations).

So I think it will be tough for a custom protocol to beat corba - many smart
people spent lots of time designing it.

And  you will be able to write "modules" in any language with an ORB available.
( some early Perl or Tcl Orbs had few 100 lines of code - of course no
and only basic support )

> > I tried to create a "mod_corba" using Mico and it worked fine, even in
> > non-multithreaded model. ( the only problem: mico uses C++ - but my
> > target was to allow a Java program call Apache APIs - it worked fine as
> > a demo - and it was almost easy to implement it).
> Is this a module you can share?  I'd at least like to try and get my hands
> dirty with it...

It's just an experiment. I don't like the current unidirectional protocol used
Java servlets (AJP1) - and Corba is something I tried. Right now I'm using
JNI to run a virtual machine in the same process. ( again, without multithreading

it will not fly, but apache-apr seems to work).

(of course, I can share it if someone is interested - I'll just have to clean it
up first,
and make sure it still works - I still keep it as a backup solution and  I
do small changes as I work to the other project)


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