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From Ryan Mooney <>
Subject Module Server Project?
Date Fri, 26 Mar 1999 20:30:18 GMT


I have an idea for writing a module server whereby you could optionally
decouple modules from the main web server into other processes, on either
the local or a remote machine. Basically I was looking at ways of decoupling
the module registration logic so that it could be more dynamic, and then
have a module that could register other modules, either locally or remotely
(probabley connected via either shared mem, or sockets respectively).  Once 
that was in place, put together another lightweight app (basically a stripped
apache re-using 99% apache code) that links in something closely approximating
the current module interface (presumabley the new extended version), and
registers it with the main server(s) and proxies requests to some pre forked

This would give Apache some more scalability by allowing you to distribute 
the processing load in more interesting ways, while still offering the 
traditional interface/implementation.  Additionally, as sort of a side 
benefit, it would allow easier testing of unstable/potentially insecure 
modules as they could dynamically be loaded/killed and if nessecary be run 
on a different machine.  If anyone else is doing something like this, let me 
know & I won't bother :)  If not, does it sound usefull/interesting, and 
if so I'll spend some time working on it.

Obviously some of the details are still fuzzy, I'd have to spend a week or
two playing code monkey, but a lot of you guys are intimately familiar
with the current gritty details, so I was sort of hoping for a good idea/bad
idea initial response before spending immense amounts of time on it.

Ryan M.

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