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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: NSPR (was Re: cvs commit: apache-apr/pthreads/src/main http_main.c)
Date Thu, 18 Mar 1999 01:42:45 GMT
Dean Gaudet wrote:
> On Wed, 17 Mar 1999, Jim Jagielski wrote:
> > I would wish to keep portability a high factor, and it that case I would
> > _guess_ that the present apr implementation would be easier than NSPR.
> > Of course, a lot of work is already _in_ NSPR, so it's a double edged
> > sword :/
> Yeah a lot of the little nice things are in NSPR, like an abstract time
> type and such... things which differ between unix variants in addition to
> win32.

It's been awhile since I played around with the NSPR stuff, just hacking
away on seeing how easy/hard it would be to port it to various OSs...
It did have some nice abstractions and was a real true "layer", which
was/is nice.

Anyway, isn't one idea is that threads are used if available, but if
not then the server could be built with basically noops (ie: non-threaded)?
If so, then portability may not be that big of a concern. Of course, then
we run into actual usefullness problems, similar to non-memory-based
scoreboard OSs with the present implementation. Still, it would be nice
if possible.
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