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From Wilfredo Sanchez <>
Subject Re: Apple, "Darwin", Apache...
Date Wed, 17 Mar 1999 02:55:32 GMT
| 1) MacOS X includes Apache 1.3.  In fact it's billed as a major  
feature of
| the product, with an installation and configuration wizard, etc.   
Those of
| you following developments here will note that Fred Sanchez has been a 
| part of the development process here for quite a while; this is  
the fruit
| of his work, as well as the work of others who helped integrate his 
| patches.

  I am, by the way, quite grateful that the Apache team has been so  
receptive to the Rhapsody/Mac OS X Server work I've been doing. It  
was a key part of why we were able to sell the open source idea to  
the executive team.

| There may be some confusion in the press, as this open-sourced  
| named "Darwin", was said to include Apache; and I haven't gone  
through the
| steps of downloading it to see what's actually included, if the stock 
| Apache is in there, etc.

Stock Apache is there; it's the same Apache code I built into Mac OS  
X Server. There are minor make tweaks from 1.3.4-dist which I made  
known before.

|  My guess is that there's some "glue" code in
| there, for example whatever administrative scripts Apple wrote for its 
| web-based configuration tools.  If Apache is included, it's  
probably not
| the intent to fork the code from our code base here, as that would be 
| inconsistant with Apple's previous efforts.  Anyways, I wanted to  
head off
| concern about this ahead of time, and invite Fred to add any  
comments to
| this if I've missed something.

I tried to address this point on the darwin web page  

	In general, feature additions and bug fixes which
	are not specific to or needed by the Darwin platform
	should be sent to the upstream source; it is an explicit
	goal that the diffs between this code and the original
	code be kept at a minimum, as we don't intend to compete
	with other Open Source initiatives.

For "Third Party Projects", such as Apache, we fully intend to have  
the primary caretakers of the code be the upstream provider of the  
code, and we aren't tacking our license onto such code. We do  
distribute a source tree which is known to build for the platform,  

This is something I've been pushing here as a selling point for  
using all this open source code: don't do work someone else has  
covered. Help them out, sure. Duplicate effort, no. Same rules for  

| 1) The appleshare and HFS code will be picked up and ported widely  
to the
|    other OS's.

AppleShare isn't there. AppleTalk (the protocol) is. HFS+ support on  
xBSD and Linux would be swell. NetInfo client and server support on  
these OS's would also be cool.

| 2) Someone will probably be able to stick GNOME or KDE on top of Darwin 
|    pretty easily, thus opening up the potential for Darwin to be  
|    by and enhanced by those with a religious aversion to paying for 
|    software.

I'm kinda hoping that Darwin + X11 gives GNUStep a kick.

| 3) Someone else will probably be able to put the for-sale bits on  
top of a
|    Linux PPC base - it'll be interesting to see what that enables or 
|    changes.

I think that's kinda hard. They'll need to implement the Mach APIs,  
for starters.


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