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Subject Re: os-windows/3988: Apache 1.3.4 will not operate in Win95
Date Wed, 03 Mar 1999 16:45:18 GMT

Oh! we should send Mr. Costner a thank you.

Paul Sutton writes:
> On 3 Mar 1999, Brian Costner wrote:
> > >Number:         3988
> > >Category:       os-windows
> > >Synopsis:       Apache 1.3.4 will not operate in Win95
> > Another thing I noticed. I did the first install to Program
> > Files/Apache. When the installation was complete, I got a message
> > saying the computer needed to be restarted. 

Now I believe this is install shield announcing that it has to
 (1) the OS DLL directory, either because 
  (a) MSVCRT.dll is
     - just arrived for the first time
     - newer
     - older?
  (b) XXXX.dll possibly some organ of install shield?
 (2) something else triggered it that we don't understand
    - first uninstallable piece of software.

The absense of the do you want to read the readme means
"all bets are off"... what else "didn't happen"?

If it is case 1a then maybe we just don't know how to
modify the OS DLL directory in a manner that lets Install
Shield wait to tell the user to reboot, and if we had
that right the "didn't happen" would "happen".

> > I restarted it. Apache
> > didn't work. 

This only makes sense if:
 (a) the user was confused (seems unlikely)
 (b) other things "didn't happen".

> > I uninstalled and was pleasantly surprised to find that
> > the entire Apache directory had been removed. 

That's nice, but... 

> > I made the second
> > installation to Apache's default (Program Files/Apache Group/Apache).
> > This time, at the end of the installation process, I got a screen
> > asking me whether I want to view the readme file and a "Finish"
> > button.  This screen did not appear after the first install. There was
> > no indication of a need to restart the computer. 

... apparently it didn't undo what ever state
the first install tripped.  Such is life, persumably he now has
our "better" MSVCRT.

> > When I uninstalled
> > the second installation, the directory was not deleted. 

He doesn't mention if it worked at this point, let's assume it did?  The
uninstall not removing the directory is bug - presumably unrelated to the
reboot/no-workie syndrome mystery.

> > I did the
> > third installation to Program Files/Apache and this time got the
> > readme file/finish screen as in the second installation. I've not yet
> > uninstalled this set up. 

Again he doesn't mention if it worked, lets assume it did?

> Ah, finally, an excellently detailed description of what happens when the
> DLL doesn't run. 

> Looks like it doesn't run when the installer asks for a
> reboot, 


> which occurs when MSVCRT.DLL is installed or upgraded. 


> Maybe
> the instal DLL requires MSVCRT.DLL to be available.

Maybe install shield needed it or even something else, say
an uninstaller fragment dll?

> It shouldn't, since
> it should be linked against the non-DLL runtime (that is, with /MT not
> /MD).


> Anyway I would guess that putting MSVCRT.DLL into the Apache install
> directory (where both Apache.exe and install.dll live) would fix both
> problems: allowing the DLL to work and not requiring the user to reboot.

Sigh, yes that's probably best.  

I'm concerned that MSVCRT will be using undocumented O/S APIs and
that having two variations alive on the machine will create yet 
other surprises.  This platform makes for too much superstitious

> Paul

  - ben

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