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From "Frank Faubert" <>
Subject Re: why reboot after win32 install?
Date Mon, 01 Mar 1999 13:45:34 GMT
>No, Apache does not require a reboot and does not prompt you to reboot.
>The final screen from the installer is a question about whether you want
>to view the README file, then the installer exits.
>Where did you see the suggestion to reboot? I think that may happen if
>you've installed something prior to Apache that requries a reboot, but you
>didn't reboot at the time (at least that is according to one PR we've

The reboot screen is a standard part of InstallShield, which Apache is using
to perform the installation.  If you distribute any core components (as
Apache does MSVCRT.DLL), InstallShield will check if the version being
installed is greater than the version already on the system, and overwrite
it if necessary.  However, if MSVCRT.DLL is already in use (which is most
likely the case as it is a core component of Windows) it cannot be
overwritten immediately, and is scheduled to be installed during the next
reboot - hence the built in InstallShield reboot screen.  Apache (or any
other product using InstallShield) has no control over this process, short
of redistributing the earliest version of MSVCRT.DLL that is available
(which may not be desirable as the newer versions fix bugs, etc).


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