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From Rasmus Lerdorf <>
Subject Re: help with Expat patch
Date Mon, 08 Feb 1999 13:28:49 GMT
> > However, if I compile mod_dav as a dynamically-loaded module, then it
> > won't load, because it can't find the Expat symbols. (sigh)  I know this
> > has to do with order of loading or maybe that the Expat stuff didn't get
> > pulled into httpd (no ref to it from there).
> Just putting in Expat as a library is not enough. What you should do is to
> additionally provide a thin Apache layer on top if it which is part of the
> core code, i.e. some ap_expat_xxxx() functions which call the expat functions.
> This has two benefits: It's a clean API where we can get control between
> modules and expat and it solves the DSO problem you mentioned.

This sets an odd precedence though.  Why doesn't the regex library that
Apache includes come with a thin Apache API layer then?  If we are simply
trying to solve the DSO issue just add a call to a dummy function like
XML_GetErrorCode() during Apache startup.  That should force the linker to
include it.  A "thin" Apache API layer worries me because when someone
comes along and needs it (like the PHP module) chances are the API layer
won't be complete enough to be useful.


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