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From John Bley <>
Subject [PATCH] 3 malloc checks, use pid_t instead of int
Date Tue, 23 Feb 1999 16:35:04 GMT
Three missed malloc checks in ap/ap_execve.c and a pile of assumptions 
about int being equivalent to pid_t in alloc.{c,h}.  WIN32 *might* be an 
issue here but I doubt it based on an existing non-#ifdef-wrapped pid_t.

Patch in diff -u against 1.3.4 clean (yes, I should start using cvs).

On a related note, the mallocs in os/unix/*.c need checking/friendly 
error messages.  I don't have access to any of the systems that use that 
code (Rhapsody, AIX, anything where DLSYM_NEEDS_UNDERSCORE), so I can't 
submit a tested patch.

Since src/regex appears to be a non-apache library, is it off-limits for 
patches?  I assumed so, and haven't really looked at it too closely.
John Bley -
Duke '99 - English/Computer Science
  Since English is a mess, it maps well onto the problem space,
  which is also a mess, which we call reality.     - Larry Wall

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