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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Apache FAQ
Date Thu, 18 Feb 1999 22:23:49 GMT
The Apache FAQ should be a primary resource for new users to find answers
to questions about Apache.  However, the current FAQ is rather difficult
to navigate.  To find out if your question is answered, you either need to
read through each of the 77 questions in the FAQ, or get lucky with with a
search.  Dividing the questions into categories would go a long way
towards making the the FAQ both easier to access and easier to manage.

I think that this has come up a couple times in the last year or so, but
nobody has gotten around to doing it.  I spent about 20 minutes
reorganizing the top section of the FAQ, and have included a lynx dump of
the result below.  If there is interest, I am willing to finish off the
entire document along similar lines.

Please let me know what you think.

Joshua Slive

                  Apache Server Frequently Asked Questions
   $Revision: 1.200 $ ($Date: 1999/02/18 13:11:30 $)
   The latest version of this FAQ is always available from the main
   Apache web site, at <>.
   If you are reading a text-only version of this FAQ, you may find
   numbers enclosed in brackets (such as "[12]"). These refer to the list
   of reference URLs to be found at the end of the document. These
   references do not appear, and are not needed, for the hypertext
The Questions

     * Background
          + What is Apache?
          + Why was Apache created?
          + How does The Apache Group's work relate to other servers?
          + Why the name "Apache"?
          + OK, so how does Apache compare to other servers?
          + How thoroughly tested is Apache?
          + What are the future plans for Apache?
          + Whom do I contact for support?
          + Is there any more information on Apache?
          + Where can I get Apache?
     * General Questions
          + "Why can't I ...? Why won't ... work?" What to do in case of
          + How compatible is Apache with my existing NCSA 1.3 setup?
          + Is Apache Year 2000 compliant?
          + How do I submit a patch to the Apache Group?
          + Why has Apache stolen my favourite site's Internet address?
          + Why am I getting spam mail from the Apache site?
          + May I include the Apache software on a CD or other package
            I'm distributing?
          + What's the best hardware/operating system/... How do I get
            the most out of my Apache Web server?
          + What are "regular expressions"?
     * Building Apache
          + Why do I get an error about an undefined reference to
            "__inet_ntoa" or other __inet_* symbols?
          + Why won't Apache compile with my system's cc?
          + Why do I get complaints about redefinition of "struct iovec"
            when compiling under Linux?
          + I'm using gcc and I get some compilation errors, what is
          + I'm using RedHat Linux 5.0, or some other glibc-based Linux
            system, and I get errors with the crypt function when I
            attempt to build Apache 1.2.
     * Error Messages and Problems Starting Apache
          + Why do I get "setgid: Invalid argument" at startup?
          + Why am I getting "httpd: could not set socket option
            TCP_NODELAY" in my error log?
          + Why am I getting "connection reset by peer" in my error log?
          + The errorlog says Apache dumped core, but where's the dump
          + When I run it under Linux I get "shmget: function not found",
            what should I do?
          + Server hangs, or fails to start, and/or error log fills with
            "fcntl: F_SETLKW: No record locks available" or similar
          + Why am I getting "Expected </Directory> but saw </Directory>"
            when I try to start Apache?
          + I'm using RedHat Linux and I have problems with httpd dying
            randomly or not restarting properly
          + I upgraded from an Apache version earlier than 1.2.0 and
            suddenly I have problems with Apache dying randomly or not
            restarting properly
     * Configuration Problems
          + Why can't I run more than <n> virtual hosts?
          + Can I increase FD_SETSIZE on FreeBSD?
          + Why doesn't my ErrorDocument 401 work?
          + Why does Apache send a cookie on every response?
          + Why don't my cookies work, I even compiled in mod_cookies?
          + Why do my Java app[let]s give me plain text when I request an
            URL from an Apache server?
          + How do I get Apache to send a MIDI file so the browser can
            play it?
          + How do I add browsers and referrers to my logs?
          + Why does accessing directories only work when I include the
            trailing "/" (e.g., but not
            when I omit it (e.g.,
          + Why doesn't mod_info list any directives?
          + I upgraded to Apache 1.3 and now my virtual hosts don't work!
          + I'm using RedHat Linux and my .htm files are showing up as
            HTML source rather than being formatted!
          + My .htaccess files are being ignored.
     * Dynamic Content (CGI and SSI)
          + How do I enable CGI execution in directories other than the
          + What does it mean when my CGIs fail with "Premature end of
            script headers"?
          + How can I have my script output parsed?
          + Why do I keep getting "Method Not Allowed" for form POST
          + How can I get my script's output without Apache buffering it?
            Why doesn't my server push work?
          + Where can I find the "CGI specification"?
          + Why isn't FastCGI included with Apache any more?
          + How do I enable SSI (parsed HTML)?
          + Why don't my parsed files get cached?
          + SSIs don't work for VirtualHosts and/or user home directories
          + How can I use ErrorDocument and SSI to simplify customized
            error messages?
     * Authentification and Access Restrictions
          + Why isn't restricting access by host or domain name working
          + How do I set up Apache to require a username and password to
            access certain documents?
          + Why is the environment variable REMOTE_USER not set?
          + How do I set up Apache to allow access to certain documents
            only if a site is either a local site or the user supplies a
            password and username?
          + Why does my authentication give me a server error?
          + Do I have to keep the (mSQL) authentication information on
            the same machine?
          + Why is my mSQL authentication terribly slow?
          + Can I use my /etc/passwd file for Web page authentication?
     * URL Rewriting
          + Where can I find mod_rewrite rulesets which already solve
            particular URL-related problems?
          + Where can I find any published information about
            URL-manipulations and mod_rewrite?
          + Why is mod_rewrite so difficult to learn and seems so
          + What can I do if my RewriteRules don't work as expected?
          + Why don't some of my URLs get prefixed with DocumentRoot when
            using mod_rewrite?
          + How can I make all my URLs case-insensitive with mod_rewrite?
          + Why are RewriteRules in my VirtualHost parts ignored?
          + How can I use strings with whitespaces in RewriteRule's ENV
     * Features
          + Does or will Apache act as a Proxy server?
          + What are "multiviews"?
          + Why can't I publish to my Apache server using PUT on Netscape
            Gold and other programs?
          + Why doesn't Apache include SSL?

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