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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Reconfigurable Supercomputers (fwd)
Date Wed, 10 Feb 1999 18:40:15 GMT

I'd like to see the specweb numbers for Apache running on this :)

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Posted by: CmdrTaco, on 1999-02-10 08:52:35 EDT
Dept: stuff-to-poke-at, topic: Technology

   [1]VanL writes " A [2]previously unknown company has come up with a
   supercomputer design using programmable logic components. If this is
   right, this might be another case of a garage inventor changing the
   computing paradigm. In the meantime, they are claiming incredible
   things from their demo computer: It is the worlds fastest computer
   (3-4x faster than IBM's Pacific Blue, and 10x faster than a Cray); it
   is fault-tolerant enough that you could shoot a bullet through it and
   it would keep on working; it will run any operating system
   out-of-the-box; and it is the size of a normal desktop computer and
   runs off household current. They call it HAL. ;) Check out the
   [3]press release, a [4]news story, and a more detailed description of
   the company and the technology [5]here. "



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