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From Tony Finch <>
Subject Re: Signals for Apache-apr.
Date Wed, 17 Feb 1999 11:23:52 GMT
Manoj Kasichainula <> wrote:
>[On using SIGWINCH for graceful restart in a threaded Apache]
>The other problem that seems concerning is that SIGWINCH might not be
>available on all platforms. If this is the case, and if we still want
>to support graceful restart on Linux 2.0, we may eventually need
>different graceful restart signals for the differenct systems.  Yuck.

Squid uses a vast number of signals (well, 7) to control the running
daemon and because of the linuxthreads USR1 & USR2 thing it uses
different signals on different platforms or with different
configuration options. It's made usable because the program has a -k
option to send a "rotate" or "shutdown" etc. signal to the running
daemon. Perhaps Apache should do something similar?


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