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From "Poindexter, Alan" <>
Subject RE: FW: Porting to Windows CE
Date Thu, 18 Feb 1999 03:01:56 GMT

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>From: Brian Behlendorf
>To: Dale Dycus
>Sent: 2/17/99 5:16 PM
>Subject: Re: FW: Porting to Windows CE

>Also, it should be possible to write plug-ins to the Apache API in C++.

We[1] have done this for Apache 1.2.4-1.3.4 on NT 3.51-4.0, 
SunOS 2.4-2.6, AIX 4.2-4.3, Linux 1.36-2.2, HPUX 10-11, etc.
using MSCV++ 4.?-6.0, etc. (we skipped 5!).

We made a module (in C) that is the minimal neccessary
to load a dynamic object (such as a "dll") whose location
and configuration file is specified in httpd.conf. The module's
location is specified in Configuration.

We use a KIA compilier (and they wrote us a special patch,
which I think is now part of their product) on HP.

The only[2] thing to watch out for (and this wasn't a problem
with MSVC++) is that C++ mangels it's function names so that during
the dynamic symbol table resolution function's can't be found.
This is not a problem with most compilers and becomes less
so every day.

I can provide more info, we consider this part of the product
open in that we have to provide the source to be compilied into
Apache. (We don't provide the source to the C++ program this module


2. Thanks for fixing that dang "pool rec"!

--Alan Poindexter
  BMC Software

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